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An experienced d.j. /mc offers a service not a show . It’s about you and your day.  Be reassured that we will offer direction for the formal aspects of your wedding. Introduction of the bridal party , introduction of bride and groom, 1st dance , dances with parents , toasts , cake-cutting, bouquet , garter, and a farewell dance as you depart to live happily ever after! We’ll make sure that there are no awkward “what-do-we-do next”  moments. Listening to you is very important. Your wedding can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be . If you want to give a general direction and let us do the rest, that’s fine. Perhaps you’d  like a “Newlywed” game during dinner, or maybe you’d like to pre-record a personal message, to be played while you dance with your mother or father. An alternative to the bouquet toss? Lots of possibilities!  Maybe none of the above? that’s o.k. too !


Private/Corporate Events

Crown Entertertainment is happy to provide services for your special event. From large formal banquets to small office affairs we are your DJ of choice. Whether your preference is jazz in the background or dancing the night away, we are well equipped to meet your needs. We understand the importance of a successful party and we will represent your company to the highest level of professionalism.  We are real DJ's with real turntables mixing a seamless stream of music, bringing your dance floor to life. Crown Entertainment works closely with many companies holding their event in central Arkansas. We are familiar with most venues and their sound requirements, making your planning a breeze.  We also work with you and make suggestions on party favors, themes, and party gifts. Our online tool makes planning easier and will eliminate any miscommunication.  We are always available for phone/skype meetings and once you choose us, just show up and have fun. 



No one, and we mean NO ONE throws a greater prom or homecoming in Arkansas like Crown Entertainment! We utilize high tech concert and club style lighting effects to give your students a school dance that they have never experienced before. We will help your student concil or prom commitee plan, design, and prepare for your event. We will help you sell tickets, market, and promote your celebration to the entire student body. School dances are our passion. Students love us because of our high energy lighting designs, chest pounding bass,  and up to date music catalog. Faculty and staff love us because of custom clean edit music, care for student safety, and crowd control. Trust us, no other company in the state can bring your school what we can. To become a part of our fall homecoming tour, or our spring prom tour please contact us now, dates are very limited and fill up quite fast!

School Events


Lighting Design



Dancing on a Cloud

Through ingenuity and in-house design, we have created an affordable way to illuminate any event with color-matching capabilities and endless possibilities.  With over 149 million colors to choose from, personalizing your event has never been easier. We at Crown Entertainment, know that your overall event planning experience begins with our design team.  As your event comes together over a series of weeks and months, we want you to look forward to calling or emailing us with input about your event.  Our goal is to influence you to tap into your creative abilities and truly create an event that fits your overall vision.

Let us transform your wedding or event into a magical & unique space. Uplighting looks great and gives your space that special touch is deserves! With the installation of LED lighting fixtures at your celebration, you can easily make a big impact on your decor and overall appearance of the space. Uplighting is not only affordable, it works great with your wedding cinematography and photographs! With thousands of colors to choose from, we can tailor our fixtures to match your comapany colors for your banquet. Our lighting packages are fully customizable to accommodate your celebration and budget.


Crown Entertainment is now offering this incredible Dry Ice Effect to add Glamour and a WOW factor to your event. Nothing says “I’m on top of the world” like dancing your first dance on a carpet of gentle, rolling clouds!  Our cloud machines are completely safe. The fog stays below knee height and there is no risk of setting off fire alarms. We’ll make sure everybody enjoys this spectacular effect while ensuring there’s no damage to the venue. Your photographer will be able to capture an awe inspiring moment with this event highlight! The cloud dance is also popular at our school events for homecoming/prom king and queen dances



Glow Events


Crown Entertainment offers custom designed monograms that wil add a touch of personal customization to any event. Whether you would like initials, your name, date, words or even a corporate logo, we have a monogram that is right for you. Our monograms can be strategically placed on the dancefloor, on walls or on the ceiling to create a visual enhancement that will take your photography to another level. Imagine dancing your first dance with your names or initials on the dance floor. Or your company logo behind a keynote speaker at your next banquet. Choose from pure white, full color, and every option in between.

There is nothing as fun as getting to glow while you party! We offer large or small scale production for your glow events. For glow parties we bring everything you need to have a great glow party! Our high intensity LED UV fixtures are a vast improvement over the old blacklight bulbs of the past and can fill an entire school gym or cafeteria. We also provide the glow sticks, uv paint, and can even do balllons. You just show up in your white shirt and expect to have the time of your life!

Crown Entertainment understands that everyone wants their event to be unique and special. What better way to enhance your celebration than bringing it to life with photo montages, video feeds, & animated graphics! Our large 55'' displays can be seen from all around your event space. Photo monotages' and video toasts for weddings, live social media feeds for corporate events and school functions, or power-point presentaions for your training session. The options are endless!


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